Obtaining of the explosion protection certificate

Ex-certification uniqueness lies in the fact that, unlike all other industrial equipment (for which the certificate can be issued from 3 days and declaration of conformity can be made in 1-2 days), while getting Ex certificate TR CU 012/2011 (certificate of explosion proof protection), the manufacturer or the person authorized by the manufacturer understands full responsibility!
for quick protection certificate, you need do the following:


Prepare a set of documents (as required by TR CU 012/2011). For international manufacture the main document is manual made in Russian according to rules of TR CU 012/2011 (for list of mandatory rules for Ex-certification write on e-mail: info@endce.ru)

Explosion-proof equipment must be tested in our accredited laboratory

Factory audit (inspection) similar to ISO 9001 audit should be made

Confirm project of certificate prepared by our experts

The procedure is the same in all accredited bodies, but because of our advantages, we can properly hold

the entire certification process and issue the certificate TR CU 012/2011 in the period from 2 weeks!

If Уou decide to certify your equipment at our certification center, please fill out the form below. After that, we will send Уou a detailed list of documents required for certification of products for compliance with the Technical Regulations on the Safety of Equipment Operated in Explosive atmospheres (TR CU 012/2011). 

international calls (English):  +7-926-836-57-23
E-mail: info@endce.ru


1. You sent as documents for equipment, e.g. manual (we can get documents in English, and other languages) (with marking of Ex equipment), amb. Temperature etc.), ATEX, IECEx, CSA etc. certificate).

2. Our experts, check according quantity of models and types, how many test should be made.

3. According to documents and your product range (different quantity of tests) we give you official commercial offer.

4. We make contract with you (two language contract, the ability to make 50% prepayment, the second part after sending you scan of certiticate).

5. We make application according to CU rules, your representative sign it, sent us scan. We register application.

6. We sent you list of document we need in scan (e.g. manual, drawings etc.). If you can't make some documents according rules of CU, our experts can prepare all need documents (according information you give as manufacture).

7. One expert goes for factory audit (only for certificate for 5 years). Factory audit is made like ISO 9001 audit, but only about certified equipment.

8. For big equipment (Ex stations with lot of Ex components) certification tests are made on factory). For small equipment expert choose equipment for testing.

9. After factory audit, testing, and checking of documents is finished, we prepare project of certificate TR CU 012/2011.

10. If everything in project is write, we print certificate on official blanc and register it in official register on Russian accreditation government web site http://en.fsa.gov.ru. All Ex certificates can be checked there. In our contract for certification we give guarantee for your certificate we'll be in register!

11. After certification is finished we sent you original of certificate for Explosion proof equipment by DHL (with out extra payments).


  • Examination of Ex equipment with a goal of reducing the number of tested samples
  • Own laboratory
  • The test report is made by the certification expert
  • Recognition and analysis of test reports and certificates ATEX, IECEx and CSA
  • Availability of visas for most countries, the possibility of a quick preparation for factory audit
  • English speaking experts (two languages factory audit form)
  • The possibility of remote analysis by analyzing data on the quality management system (ISO 9001)
  • Preparation of the project of the certificate for Explosion proof equipment (discussing of formulation, of special condition of safety use etc.)
  • We can use your old GOST R Ex certificates of most of Russian Ex-certification centers, to give you certification process faster (approving of Ex certificates)
  • Free delivery service - delivery of original of certificate to any country in the world by DHL
  • We don't revoke certificates (how do some Russian certification centers)
  • Analyzing technical documents in English, the ability of technical translation (via subcontracted agencies)
  • Great experience of working with foreign companies (e.g. the USA, Canada, Europe, Korea, China etc.)
  • For those companies, which do not have their RepOffice in Russia, we can become their official Representative in the Customs Union.
  • Responsibility (In accoedance with item 2.12 of the Certification Rules in Russia (decree N26, of 10.05.2000  with amendments #1, approved by decree #57 of 05.07.2002)
  • Dollar and Euro accounts, ability of 50% prepayment
  • 5 years 100% consulting during validation of certificate/declaration


The cost of the certificate of protection (TR CU 012) depends on the certificate is issued to the series (under 5 years) (within five years it is possible to import, sell explosion-proof equipment models, series, markings of protection specified in the certificate) or party (the certificate prescribed a contract and invoice for the supply for a single product - the serial number), the certificate will be valid in respect of a particular batch of products.
The average cost of certificates for a batch is from 3800 Euro, for a serial production is from 5200 Euro.


The cost of the certificate TR CU 012/2011 for electrical Ex equipment:

- type of protection "explosion-proof shells "d" (example: explosion-proof boxes, explosion-proof lamps, explosion-proof sensors, explosion-proof motors) the cost of the certificate TR CU 012: from 5400 Euro.
- type of protection "Increased protection of type "e" (example: terminal and connection boxes, control posts and cabinets, switchgears, lamps, signaling devices, cable entries) the cost of the certificate TR CU 012: from 5200 Euro.
- type of protection "intrinsically safe electrical circuit "ia/ib/ic" (example: explosion-proof sensors, explosion-proof gas analyzers, intrinsically safe barriers (spark protection barriers) the cost of the certificate TR CU 012: from 5800 Euro.
- type of protection "sealing compound "ma/mb/mc" (example: explosion-proof lamps, explosion-proof sensors, explosion-proof locks (readers) the cost of the certificate TR CU 012: from 5200 Euro.
- type of protection "filling or purging the shell under excessive pressure "p" (example: control controllers, electric motors, distribution and control devices) the cost of the certificate TR CU 012: from 6400 Euro.
- type of protection "oil filling of the shell "o" (example: transformers, starting resistances) the cost of the certificate TR TS 012: from 6400 Euro.
- type of protection "quartz filling of the shell "q" (example: transformers, capacitors, fuses) the cost of the certificate TR CU 012: from 6400 Euro.
- type of protection "n" (example: explosion-proof lamps, explosion-proof sensors, devices (equipment) for zone 2, except switching devices) the cost of the certificate TR CU 012: from 5200 Euro.
- type of protection "protection against dust ignition by "t" shells" (example: explosion-proof lamps, explosion-proof sensors) the cost of the certificate TR CU 012: from 5200 Euro.


The cost of the certificate TR CU 012/2011 for non-electrical equipment:

- type of protection "structural safety protection "with" (example: explosion-proof fans, compressor and pump units for explosive environments, gearboxes, explosion-proof pipe fittings) the cost of the certificate TR CU 012: from 5600 Euro.
- type of protection "ignition source control protection "b" (example: centrifugal speed regulators, temperature control valves, safety valves) the cost of the certificate TR CU 012: from 5200 Euro.
- type of protection "liquid immersion protection "k" (example: explosion-proof submersible pumps, oil-filled gearboxes, hydraulic couplings, torque converters) the cost of the certificate TR CU 012: from 5200 Euro.
- type of protection "protection with an explosion-proof shell "d" (example: friction clutches and brake pads (equipment containing rubbing surfaces, the heating temperature of which can cause ignition of the surrounding explosive environment) the cost of the certificate TR CU 012: from 5800 Euro.
- type of protection "protection sheath flow restricting "fr" (example: shell which interfere with the proper probability to pass the environment to the inside of the shell and the formation inside her explosive environment, when the environment outside of the shell becomes explosive in rare cases and stored in a very short time) the cost of the certificate TR CU 012: from 5200 Euro.


The cost of the certificate TR CU 012/2011 for complete installations:

The cost of the explosion protection certificate for complete installations (explosion-proof compressor stations, pumping units, filling stations, filling stations, etc.) depends on the number of complete equipment and can reach up to 15200 Euro or more for mine complexes.
The average cost of the certificate TR CU 012 for an explosion-proof compressor station is from 9000 Euro to 15200 Euro.


The cost of the certificate TR CU 012/2011 for mining equipment:

The cost of the explosion protection certificate (TR CU 012) for mine explosion-proof equipment (group I equipment) (see the PH level equipment on the right) in connection with liability, is higher than the cost of similar equipment of the second group. The average cost of an explosion protection certificate for mine explosion-proof lamps starts from 5200 Euro, the cost of a certificate for communication devices and intercoms explosion-proof from 6200 Euro. The cost depends on the number of models/series and variants.


For an accurate estimate of the cost of the explosion protection certificate TR CU, send us the documents for the equipment (depending on what is available): operating instructions (we review documentation in various languages), previously obtained certificates, or international certificates/declarations of ATEX, CSA, CNEx etc.

Still have questions?

Contact us - we will tell you more about the explosion protection certificate.

The deadline for obtaining the explosion protection certificate (TR CU 012) depends on whether you have a batch of products or a serial production. Despite the fact that some certification bodies spend up to 6 months to obtain a certificate, one of the main advantages of our certification center is the speed of certification. In this case, the entire procedure is carried out according to the rules.


We can issue a certificate TR CU 012/2011 for serial production in a period of 2-3 weeks.

A certificate for a batch within a period of 1 week.



The layout of the test report is compiled in parallel with the layout of the certificate. Since the explosion protection certificate (as was previously the case with the GOST R explosion protection certificate) contains an appendix, the main thing is to carefully approve the layout of the certificate.


What can help you get an explosion protection certificate faster?
- Availability of a valid certificate TR CU 012/2011 (subject to changes)
- Availability of foreign certificates/test reports (ATEX, CSA, CNEx)
- Previously conducted production audit, availability of ISO GOST R (for the manufacture of explosion-proof equipment)
- Pre-registered application for certification
- Young experienced experts of our certification center (quick work, completion of documentation according to the requirements of the TR CU).

For a foreign manufacturer
- The operating manual (requirements for the operating manual of explosion-proof equipment according to TR CU 012/2011) can be found on the right; If necessary, within the framework of the contract, we can not only carry out technical translation of the documentation, but also modify it according to the requirements of TR CU 012/2011;
- Passport (a passport for equipment is a mandatory requirement only for Russian equipment). Check with our expert in which cases it is better to issue a passport for foreign equipment;
- Drawings/electrical diagrams. In addition to the general drawings, to obtain the certificate TR CU 012/2011, you must provide drawings of explosion protection. Depending on the type of protection, these will be drawings of the shell type d (the requirements are specified in GOST), drawings/schemes of filling with compound, schemes of intrinsically safe circuits, etc. We accept ATEX, IECEx, CSA, CNEx approved drawings.
- Nameplate project (contact us and we will tell you how to properly design the marking plate and what data it should contain to meet the requirements of the TR CU);
- The ignition hazard assessment according to GOST 31441.1 (for non-electrical equipment and complete installations) is analogous to "Risk of ignition (or ignition risk evaluation, risk assessment of non-electrical equipment) according to EN 13463-1;
- Previously issued certificates of TR CU 012/2011, GOST R explosion protection, declarations certificates of TR CU 010/2011, TR CU 032/2013, TR CU 020/2011, etc

Issuance (sales, crossing the customs) of explosion-proof equipment is currently possible only with a valid certificate TR CU 012/2011. 
Selling equipment only with ATEX, IECEx, CSA and other national Ex certificates, is impossible. Forbidden to mark equipment with EAC (euro-asian conformity) and Ex (means TR CU Ex marking) marking, before getting all TR CU certificates (e.g. TR CU 012/2011 certificate + TR CU 020/2011 declaration for Ex lighting).
We know most of European ATEX certification centers, so we can make certification faster and easier if you have ATEX or IECEx certificates and test reports for them.


Conformity of this TR CU is only possible in the form of certification (no declaration).

The certificate is issued for a period of 5 years (serial production), indefinitely for the party (in the life of the equipment) (some certification centers in Russia can give you price for 3 year certificate, be careful)

For certification of serial production is required manufacture audit (similar to ISO 9001).

The applicant for certification can only be a person registered on the territory of the Customs Union. Those. in the line "applicant" in the certificate can not be specified foreign manufacturers. Specifies representative, supplier, authorized person. In the case where the manufacturer and the alien certificate is issued for a series, necessarily requires a contract to operate in the foreign manufacturer of the products supplied comply with the technical regulations of the Customs Union and of the liability for non-conformity of delivered products with the technical regulations of the Customs Union.

Our clients are:

According to rules of Custom Union (this information is written in all technical regulation (an exception is TR CU 004/2011, in this TR in some cases applier can be an international company). Apllier for certification (declaration) TR CU 032/2013 can be only company, which is officially registrated on the territory of Custom Union (Russia, Belorussia, Kazakhstan) and, which has contract of represantative of foreign manufacture in the case of conformity of equipment to requirements of TR CU.

Be careful, if subsidiary of international company is working as a "филиал" (working on territory of Russia, but working according to laws of mane company registration country law) and doesn't have "ОГРН" (official registration number), it can't be applier.

For your convenient we can give you service of Represantative (decision for whom we give this service depends on business history of company, and in some cases on the results of certification tests).
In what case you need this:

  • you just coming to Russian (or CU) market, and still don't have partner, who can be your representative
  • you are not sure in your Russian partner (sometimes companies ask for exclusive rights, and then starts to sell equipment of your competitor). We are nor selling equipment, so we will be your longterm partner.
  • you have several partners. In this case better to have third side, for not to be in situation then one of your partners (who is representative) we'll tell you that he don't give a right to any other company use the certificate)

Why choose us as representative?

- We are interested to make certification faster.
- We'll check all documents (manual etc.) according to rules of TR CU, so you'll never have any fine for this.
- Our experts have links to government controlling organizations.
- We are professionals in certification laws, so we can help you with custom clearance, giving definitions and official letters about this.
IF YOU ALREADY HAVE GOOD PARTNER AND NEED EXAMPLE OF CONTRACT OF REPRESENTATIVE, write us for info@endce.ru we'll sent you example of contract (contract can be changed, cause there is no strict rules for this type of contract).


If you have any questions, please enter your data in the form below